Travel info

  1. Accommodation
  • Book as soon as possible
  • Check etc. for best offer and availability
  • Conference will be held at Warsaw University of Technology premisses, which is in the city center, very well connected via public transport with the rest of the city.

2. Travel

Warsaw has two airports:

  • Okęcie WAW (main) – serves all major carriers, inc. some low cost carriers like WizzAir, it has very good and straightforward access to the city centre.
  • Modlin  WMI (outside Warsaw) – serves mostly Ryanair, travel to Warsaw may take some time and money in particular in the very early and late hours  

Warsaw has train connections to Berlin (6h journey).

3. Weather

4. Public transport

The best way to move around city is to use the public transport:

With, e.g. 3-day ticket ( ) you can travel bus, tram, boat (yes boat) train and underground (metro) within city limits for 72h.

5. Money

All major debit/credit cards widely accepted. Plenty of ATM machines. Do not exchange currency at airports/train stations as the exchange rate is scandalous. Better rates at banks or Exchange (Kantor) offices.